Why does Rising Zen have a Reservation Policy? 

We are a small business and although we understand life experiences change, it is important to know that continuous reschedules/cancellations can have a severe financial impact on a small business.  For this reason we ask for deposits to reserve your date.  You may pay in full or just the deposit to reserve your date.  In either case the indicated deposit amount is noted as non-refundable, but if you provide enough notice, we are happy to reschedule. 

If you need to reschedule and provide 7 days or more advanced notice, we will apply your existing deposit to the next date selected.  
If less than 7 days notice to reschedule is provided, then a new deposit is taken to reserve another date, and the original deposit is not refunded. 

If you need to cancel and provide 7 days or more advance notice, we will provide a refund, minus a $7.00 processing fee. 
We thank you for understanding, as we grow our business, since we are not backed by investors. 

We are looking forward to co-creating an amazing experience with you to Increase your connection to divinity, provide relaxation & well-being to invigorate your spirit! 

We appreciate your arriving 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time, if this is your first appointment with us.  Thank you.

What is Qigong? 
Qigong (pronounced chee gong) is an ancient oriental mind-body practice.  It is the art and science of using breathing techniques combined with slow and gentle repeated movements to enhance functionality and balance in the body and mind. 
How is Qigong performed? 

Qigong can be performed in either a standing or sitting posture, as there is no walking or stepping into other positions.  With graceful and fluid like movements of the arms upwards, forwards and to the side, the mind is focused on breathing and movement during the entire practice.  
Who can benefit from Qigong? 
Because qigong is gentle and can be practiced while seated or in standing postures, it is fitting for both the young and the old.  The practice of Qigong may improve microcirculation in the body, concentration,  posture and respiration.  It also teaches the relaxation response in the body, so stress can be reduced with breathing and learned techniques.


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