• Relieve and release emotional, mental and physical pain with profound healing through multi-conscious levels 
  • Feel more grounded, balanced and aligned as life force energy flows freely 
  • Empowering clarity through clearing blockages and restrictions 
  • Open your heart center for divine connection, inspiration and self expression 
  • Powerful life changing transformation to enhance intuition and navigation through life experiences 
  • Enjoy your bliss of deep relaxation as stress melts away and invigorates your spirit

Investment in you: 

$275 - 2 HR Session 
+ Free Pre-Session Interview. 

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    Integration Session

         As a Celestial Energy transcender, Desiree is a connector of your inner wisdom with Spirit (however that may resonate with you personally).  She sets the sacred space for you to trust and allow yourself to let go of what no longer serves you, so that your body, mind and spirit can receive healing and alignment.

         As she enhances deep healing with Reiki and Celestial Energy creating a metamorphic experience, you will be connected to etheric and Mother Earth energies that enable your innate inner wisdom (heart center) to become a conduit to access universal knowledge.

         Your subconscious mind and your non-resistance to this flow of energy creates many possibilities like ancestral healing, past life experiences coming to the forefront of your consciousness, receiving what your body needs to heal.

         Ultimately and powerfully….you illuminate self awareness and in many cases unearth the nagging questions that may have been an undercurrent and barrier to your happiness for as long as you can remember.

         Her work is in stages called Journeys, and through her pre-session questionnaire she is guided as to which starting point is most beneficial for you.

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