Synesthesia - Live Art Contest WINNER

Title: "Becoming the Dragon"
Details:  30x30 - Acrylic & Indian Ink on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Story:  Blue dragons are highly protective creatures and magical. This particular dragon emerged moment by moment through the combination of surrounding energies at Synesthesia while I painted and simultaneously pulled from the "information" the invisible vastness has shared with me about dragons, in my personal journey of life times and that evening...

This dragon revealed to me that "he" is being "born" from death much like a phoenix, therefore, his skull-like head emerging from smoke. That smoke is breathing life into him, which he then breathes out while calling to the magic of folk lore to begin assembling his body of blue as if magnetizing in the clouds.

His horns are a symbol of both positive and negative, in that he has experienced the greatest extension of both and is prepared to bring balance as protection to the earth. This is the birth of "Becoming the Dragon", an acrylic and Indian ink painting on 30x30 canvas.

The winning prize, was donated to
Broward Art Club,
for all artists to share.

"Becoming the Dragon" Merchandise

Coral Springs Artwalk - Grand Opening
Coral Springs Forum

Artistic Endeavors:  Artist Desiree Kim paints during the celebration of the grand opening of ArtWalk in downtown Coral Springs on Oct. 9.  The outdoor event featured live-entertainment, local artists, craft beer from Funky Buddha Brewery, food trucks and more.
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