As an artist, live painter and instructor, Desire with an “E” (aka: Desiree Kim of Rising Zen) expresses a genuine love for humanity and a deep desire to help others release stress and feel empowered in daily life.  

Her personal experience with life's challenges has guided her to seek peaceful practices, using many approaches to have better health and well being.   Along this journey, she has found healing and positive energy by tapping into the ancient oriental practice of Qigong and breath work to assist the imagination. 

As part of the process, she has been called to share her inspiring practices with others, in a unique and positive way. 

Thus, the creation of Rising Zen, a dedicated series of workshops allowing new comers or advanced artists to embrace their inner creative self.  The curriculums are designed to empower individuals to release stress to better engage the imagination with empowerment.  Imagination exercises with breath work, Qigong and art techniques are all included at varying levels, in this unique series. 

In the world of live painting and commissioned works, she expresses the same methods to create from a state of balanced intuition.  Interacting with her surroundings and creating a grounded energy within, she connects with intention sourced from love, as she brings forth art into the world that holds a positive vibration and supports causes she is passionate about. 

Whether creating art in retreat, during a live-art performance or guiding as an instructor, she uses and/or shares Qigong, imagination exercises and breath work to release stress and free up energy in herself and participants in a balanced way. These practices provide an amazing pathway, that allows intuition to assist creation of "inspired art", full of meaning.  Art created in this way, can be a powerful and visual reminder of the beautiful and energized state of empowerment.  

Commissioning art, requesting a live painting performance or joining her for art instruction with relaxation sessions, are all experiences filled with meaning and freedom.  The gaining a sense of relaxation, stress-relief and empowerment helps nurture the inner self and can assist in producing a self-empowered piece of art...a visual representation of the inner voice.  

Let the art speak for you.…Enter the experience of Desire With An E.  

- written with Kaijah Jackson