Rooting Session - 2 HR Session + Audio Recording
  • Rooting Session - 2 HR Session + Audio Recording
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Find the source of disruption in: Communication, Relationships and Inspiration Gain clarity on the source of anger, judgment & overwhelm Discover connection to aligning with your purpose Cultivate deeper correlation with your Divinity Connect & increase relationship with Inner Wisdom REPAIR & RELEASE:

Receive guided messaging and repairing of energy drains Preparation for moving through feelings of anxiety/depression/dispair/confusion Supportive instruction to cultivate unblocking Guided process on "Letting Go" and "Allowing" through the energy body Entering a state of stronger trust in self BENEFITS:

Clarity of emotional root causes to begin disruption Relief of confusion over anger, judgment or other bothersome emotions Connection to authentic self (alignment of spirit, mind and body) Receiving of unblocking seeds and/or rooting systems Ability to review session insights from audio recording

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