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GIFT FOR YOU - We are so excited to share a "Joyful Heart" session with you! 
Your choice to begin a journey of balance with practice that can detoxify the physical and emotional body, is a wonderful step to increased quality of life and sense of ease.  There are many benefits to the sessions we provide.  With our unique scenarios, each person has their own signature on how they receive and experience the process.  So, we have invited you to this virtual one on one session, so you can experience them personally, as your own.  

Below there are 3 ways to enjoy your Joyful Heart session with Rising Zen:  conscious breathing, meditation, or qigong.  Simply choose your preferred date & time (EST), below so we can meet virtually, in person.  We will confirm our the availability of your requested time/date with our current schedule & arrange for your invitation to your first one on one virtual session using our video meeting service.    

This gift, is of no cost but of great value, for Rising Zen newcomers to receive the benefits of mindfulness activity as your own personal experience.  I'm very excited about the opportunity to work with you and assist your journey, with Rising Zen!!


Desiree Kim

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