Qigong: Breathe & Shift Class

Are you on a quest to increase balance, decrease stress or reduce pain?  Transform your mind, body & spirit with Breathe & Shift Qigong! Journey into a masterful, yet gentle practice as you experience balance with the easy flow movements of spirit.  This manifestation practice relaxes the mind & body while creating a natural balance of energy to support lifting the spirit.  

HEALTH BENEFITS:   Lowers blood pressure, improves heart health & circulation.  Increases strength, flexibility and balance in the muscles. Improves energy, inner peace, sleep and vitality.  Helps with gastritis, IBS and ulcers by reducing negative effects of stress.  Assists those with ADHD and learning disabilities, fatigue, low energy or high levels of anxiety.  It's a safe and easy exercise for those who can't perform intense exercise or are limited due to age. 

Join certified Qigong Instructor, Desiree Kim for all 4 themes.   This weekly practice begins with awareness of presence and continues on a journey to move energy as we let go of stress, entering a surreal awareness of bliss and calm.  


Qigong: Breathe & Shift - THEME: Allowing your Flow
Qigong: Breathe & Shift - THEME: Trusting in Yourself
Qigong: Breathe & Shift - THEME: Opening to Receiving
Qigong: Breathe & Shift - THEME: Gathering with Gratitude 


Private classes are $65/1hr inside broward county. Package pricing is available as well. Also group pricing, for 4 or more people it's just $20/pp. 8 or more people $15/pp

QUESTIONS?  Please email info@risingzen.com
or call 754-367-9112.

What is Qigong? 
Qigong (pronounced chee gong) is an ancient oriental mind-body practice.  It is the art and science of using breathing techniques combined with slow and gentle repeated movements to enhance functionality and balance in the body and mind. 
How is Qigong performed? 
Qigong can be performed in either a standing or sitting posture, as there is no walking or stepping into other positions.  With graceful and fluid like movements of the arms upwards, forwards and to the side, the mind is focused on breathing and movement during the entire practice.  
Who can benefit? 
Because qigong is gentle and can be practiced while seated or in standing postures, it is fitting for both the young and the old.  The practice of Qigong may improve microcirculation in the body, concentration,  posture and respiration.  It also teaches the relaxation response in the body, so stress can be reduced with breathing and learned techniques.

If you would like a class for just yourself or a small group
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