Nothing short of amazing....

My session with Desiree was nothing short of amazing. Not only did I feel better after working with her, but I did not know how badly I felt until I realized how happy I was after. She connected with parts of myself that I had forgotten and that I thought were unimportant.

It's one thing to say energy healing, but another to feel pain to the point where you block it out then have Desiree bring it to the surface only to clear out the negative/toxic energy. Not only does she remove negative energy, but she rejuvenates your entire energy field--- refreshing your spirit. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Desiree for sharing your amazing gift, talent(s), and expertise with the Universe. You are one in a million.

Tanya Faublas - 2018

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Celestial Energy Worker
Desiree Kim

About Celestial Energy Healing
with Desiree Kim


      As a Celestial Energy Worker, Desiree facilitates connecting you to the infinite well of your inner wisdom.  Peaceful inner work is conducted in a sacred space where aligning with body, mind and spirit creates rejuvenation and transformation.

     Deep healing with Celestial Energy, is a metamorphic experience, where you are connected to Etheric and Earth energies enabling  wisdom (heart center) to become a conduit for accessing a life of "truly living".

      Ultimately and powerfully,  the undercurrent creating a barrier to your happiness for as long as you can remember is illuminated and readied for transformation.   By accessing both your conscious and subconscious being she creates clarity around forgotten life experiences, remembering soul alignment with purpose and receiving what your body needs to heal.    

   Whether it's relaxation with Mind Body Sessions, clarity Rooting Sessions or transformation through Integration Sessions each  compilate as Journeys based upon your desire to transform and manifest a life of freedom.  Knowing where to begin is made easy with a free online consultation, followed by a review of your answers and connecting to your desire for truly living.

Are you on a self-awareness journey? 
Explore. Release. Transform.

     Our divine connection to self and others is integral to the self-awareness journey.   The stronger we create these connections, the more empowered, healed and transformed we become.  

     Celestial Energy Worker Desiree Kim facilitates journeys that support your individual path of strengthening inner wisdom & connection through transformation.  As you step into greater power you begin to:

  • Relieve and release emotional, mental & physical pain.  
  • Illuminate self-awareness and Universal Knowledge. 
  • Access clearer communication with inner wisdom.  
  • Strengthen Mind, Body, Spirit connection.

       Whether you are beginning your journey or well on your way, supportive sessions or journeys are available for transformation and overall well-being.  

Find out which session is right for you.

    Find out what type of class or session is right for you.  Take our Free Online Consultation now.

    Find out what type of class or session is right for you.  Take our Free Online Consultation now.

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