Nothing short of amazing....

My session with Desiree was nothing short of amazing. Not only did I feel better after working with her, but I did not know how badly I felt until I realized how happy I was after. She connected with parts of myself that I had forgotten and that I thought were unimportant.

It's one thing to say energy healing, but another to feel pain to the point where you block it out then have Desiree bring it to the surface only to clear out the negative/toxic energy. Not only does she remove negative energy, but she rejuvenates your entire energy field--- refreshing your spirit. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Desiree for sharing your amazing gift, talent(s), and expertise with the Universe. You are one in a million.

Tanya Faublas - 2018

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Celestial Energy Worker
Desiree Kim

About Celestial Energy Healing
with Desiree Kim


      As a Celestial Energy Worker, Desiree facilitates connecting you to the infinite well of your inner wisdom.  Peaceful inner work is conducted in a sacred space where aligning with body, mind and spirit creates rejuvenation and transformation.

     Deep healing with Celestial Energy, is a metamorphic experience, where you are connected to Etheric and Earth energies enabling  wisdom (heart center) to become a conduit for accessing a life of "truly living".

      Ultimately and powerfully,  the undercurrent creating a barrier to your happiness for as long as you can remember is illuminated and readied for transformation.   By accessing both your conscious and subconscious being she creates clarity around forgotten life experiences, remembering soul alignment with purpose and receiving what your body needs to heal.    

   Whether it's relaxation with Mind Body Sessions, clarity Rooting Sessions or transformation through Integration Sessions each  compilate as Journeys based upon your desire to transform and manifest a life of freedom.  Knowing where to begin is made easy with a free online consultation, followed by a review of your answers and connecting to your desire for truly living.

Are you on a self-awareness journey? 
Explore. Release. Transform.

     Our divine connection to self and others is integral to the self-awareness journey.   The stronger we create these connections, the more empowered, healed and transformed we become.  

     Celestial Energy Worker Desiree Kim facilitates journeys that support your individual path of strengthening inner wisdom & connection through transformation.  As you step into greater power you begin to:

  • Relieve and release emotional, mental & physical pain.  
  • Illuminate self-awareness and Universal Knowledge. 
  • Access clearer communication with inner wisdom.  
  • Strengthen Mind, Body, Spirit connection.

       Whether you are beginning your journey or well on your way, supportive sessions or journeys are available for transformation and overall well-being.  

Find out which session is right for you.

    Beth Stoller - CranioSacral Therapist

     I highly recommend her…

    Desiree Kim did Reiki and energy work as part of our Rooting Session. I have had channeling before, psychic readings, akashic readings, tarot readings, etc….

    But as Desiree was working with me, I had vivid images that were metaphoric, and were clear messages directing me in my life. After the session, I realized that I was in awe of the process…

    She connects with you before you even get on her table through a very special process.  She is unique, and I felt complete trust in her…she provides a sacred space and experience therefore I highly recommend her…

    Beth Stoller - 2017

    Upcoming Events...

    2ND SUNDAYS @ KavaSutra Las Olas 12:30pm-4:00pm

    2ND SUNDAYS @ KavaSutra Las Olas 12:30pm-4:00pm

    Desiree Kim
    Celestial Energy Worker /  Journey Guide / Creative

         Welcoming, kind and caring is the energy Desiree carries to facilitate your journey of unveiling the whole, perfect and complete being you already are.  Clients share their session experience as "magical, miraculous and mysterious", profoundly creating authentic expression of the self.   

    Mind Body Sessions
    1:1 Relax & Rejuvenate

     Enjoy the bliss of deep relaxation.
     Feel grounded, balanced & aligned.
     Invigorate your spirit.

    Strengthen Mind, Body, Spirit.
    Rejuvenate balance.
     Relieve and release emotional, mental and physical pain.


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    My session with Desiree was profound, deep and opened up a lot. 

    I received clarity on questions that I had prior our session and guidance on how to attend to them. 

    Powerful and astounding , the space Desiree held for me has allowed to more fully be my own authentic self. 

    The session has made an impact that is continuing making difference in my life.

    Anastasiya Ustinova - 2017

    Rooting Sessions

    Re-connect with your authentic self, as you access a metamorphic transcendence into your deepest consciousness....

    Find out what type of class or session is right for you.  Take our Free Online Consultation now.

    Integration Sessions 

    A metamorphic experience of transformation. 
    Walk into truly living like never...


    Amazing! My experience with Desiree was profound and powerful...words can't even describe.   She was very nurturing, caring and the session was extremely healing. I received so much insight about challenges in my life and felt wonderful afterwords. 

    Highly recommended. It was a sacred journey I will never forget! The tools I received are a ongoing support system for my life, her work goes past the session. PRICELESS. 

    Charlie Robinson - 2017

    Gave me clarity...

    My session with Desiree was super impactful.  She holds such a loving, compassionate and empowering space.  Her intuitive guidance was spot on and gave me clarity on aspects of self I was working through. 

    She is an amazing conduit for the divine and if you feel called to work with her, you'll be investing in opening your heart, self love and expansion for all!! 

    Much Love! 

    Dion Jagroo - 2017

    Gratitude renewed itself within me....
    I had my first ever Qigong session with Desiree in February.  My life, while blessed had become one dimensional and unbalanced and my body was shouting that at me. We had our session at the water's edge on the beach which has always been my happy place. The exercise and movements were new to me, but I soon felt the connection with energy pulsing and found myself absorbed and totally present. The rest of the day held that fresh and gentle energy within me. I was gentle with myself....sounds benign, but it was a powerful feeling, as I tend to throw myself into work, and a lot of that is showing compassion and gentleness to others. Here, I was feeling it and allowing it to be shown to myself. Gratitude renewed itself within me. I highly recommend allowing this experience for yourself. Desiree has a soothing tone as she guides you through this healing exercise, where judgement disappears even about yourself. I am Grateful to Desiree for showing myself to me in such a gentle and powerful way. This was my first time, it will be far from my last!

    Marene K. Downs - 2017

    A gatherer and an uplifter...

    Desiree emanates love, kindness, and peace in all she does. She is a gatherer and an uplifter, and I feel blessed to be connected with her.

    Thank you for all you do Desiree!!

    Joshua Tiktin - 2017

    So grateful!

    The Rooting Session I had with Desiree was a multilayered experience.  The preliminary questionnaire required before the session itself was remarkably eye opening. 

    I had to engage in deep dialog with myself for an honest reflection of how I genuinely perceive certain aspects of Self and Oneness.  Also, the information that came through while on the table is continually shifting me a month after my appointment.  So grateful!

    R.M. - 2017

    Re-center and find peace...

    Rising Zen is truly a unique experience; It's more than just an art class or group meditation. Through her calming guidance, Desiree, offers each individual the chance to relax, open their mind/heart, and discover the personal inspirations that can then be reflected onto one's canvas. I still utilize the techniques she taught me when creating my art AND when I need to recenter and find peace in my day to day life.

    Dana Forte - 2017

    Find out what type of class or session is right for you.  Take our Free Online Consultation now.

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