CranioSacral Therapy - Beth Stoller, LMT

I provide a safe, sacred, supportive environment for women, so they can create the space within themselves for multi-dimensional healing. Emotions are our bodies GPS pathway to healing,empowerment and liberation. Expect to release some. In this miraculous process, pain is eliminated or reduced, and Chakras are balanced. CranioSacral Therapy/Somato Emotional Release is a vehicle to transport you to a greater expression of your spirit, by breaking through what no longer serves your greatest good.

Celestial Energy Work - Desiree Kim

I assist those on a self-awareness journey who seek transformation, enlightenment and manifestation of their body-mind-spirit connection through strengthening their deeper inner wisdom with my Celestial Energy Work & Qigong.   Our divine connection is an integral component to the self healing process.   The stronger we create this connection, the more empowered we become.   I have been told my work is "magical, miraculous and mysterious", profoundly creating the innate ability to be the authentic expression of one's self.


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