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     Qigong is designed to be simple and easy for all ages. 
Improve your overall well-being as you de-stress through an easy going and serene experience of Qigong. 

     Art and science are combined to increase micro-circulation by using easy breathing  with slow and gentle repeated movements to enhance functionality and balance in the body and mind. 

Qigong is a standing exercise that only requires arms length distance in front of and aside each participant.  
Back yards & living rooms are great, but you can also request a local park to be added to our roster!  All Coral Springs parks are currently on our roster.

Submit your request to practice this freeing and stress-reducing exercise below.

Why not have a Zen Party? Creativity can get bogged down by responsibilities, caring for others and the tasks of every day life.  This can cause stress and damper the idea of allowing our inner creative self to be free and play.  Helping you decompress and get into a creative place is why we designed a two hour version of our Mini-Retreats that combine the de-stressing of either imagination exercises, breathwork or Qigong and painting.
If you have questions please visit the FAQ page, contact us direct at 754-367-9112 or send us an email here. 

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